Saturday, February 28, 2009

"How can you have a revolution when everyone is watching TV?"

With regard to my previous, I do manage to bounce a bit through the blog world. Today I noticed this, via a comment over at Gerard's house. I agree that we may be facing the need to have a revolution, but that the public may be too lazy to have one.

Recent and forecast posting.....

As a way of providing an explanation to my tens and tens of readers for the dearth of posting here recently, I claim a busy schedule. For most people, the Spring is supposed to be carefree and quite unlike the busy Holiday weeks of Winter.

However, for me, it seems as if each Spring is busier than the previous. We were able to get to see Dau#1ofAZlib in early February, and make a scramble out to our Undisclosed Location in the middle of the month. We're trying to find a way to get our retirement cabin built without driving ourselves into bankruptcy. The Spring is also the time for me to get the oranges off the trees and do whatever trimming they require before the summer months. And, as it turns out, I have my annual Recurrent training to prepare and finish. And WifeofAzlib and I are planning a little excursion to Savannah and Charleston, if her job doesn't interfere too much.

So, this is all a long-winded explanation of why I can go a week or so between posts. I'll get back to this, but for the time being, things will be sparse.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So, anyhooo....

I think I've mentioned somewhere that we are a family with pets. Specifically, a cat and five dogs. Most of these "belong" to WifeofAzlib, but I do claim the one large dog (a yellow lab).

As with children, they occasionally get sick and require a trip to the vet.

Today, it was our littlest dog, Lola, a Yorkie who has been blind for some years. I often joke that she is our dog who needs a seeing-eye dog, but in truth she makes out as well as can be expected. That said, she is a fragile breed with a disability, and as such, WifeofAzlib often pampers her.

However a day or two ago, Lola began to walk in circles and become not responsive to sound. And this prompted our trip to the vet today. Our vet is a dear kind man who has treated our many pets for years. He diagnosed an inner ear problem.

That's not why I write today.

In his lobby, I couldn't help but notice this magazine....

The "Tails" magazine franchise is a complimentary magazine seen in a number of communities meant as a medium for veterinary offices or maybe pet stores. This means that it is high on advertising and low on content.

And Barack Obama graces the cover of this magazine--this free, low-content magazine--in a story telling us how the Obamas going to get a dog for their girls. So, get the girls a dog already. How hard is it? There are about a thousand shelters or breeders who would be happy to put their puppy in your hands. Quit holding out the "hope" [**snicker**] of a dog for your girls and just get one.

And, are there no magazine covers that Obama would turn down?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No. You don't say....

"By a 2-to-1 margin Americans believe that no matter how bad things are, Congress can make them worse."
"Following passage of the stimulus bill, consumer confidence fell to a record low. It has been falling to new lows will regularity since early 2008. Confidence in the nation’s banking system also has plummeted.

President’s Obama’s overall approval ratings have remained steady and high since his inauguration. However, Republicans have gained ground on Democrats in Generic Congressional Ballot polling.

Most Americans believe tax cuts are good for the economy, and half (48%) say that more government spending is bad for the economy.

Polling last week showed that 67% of Americans trust their own judgment on economic matters more than the trust the average member of Congress. Forty-nine percent (49%) trust their own judgment more than the president’s.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I dunno....

...Maybe its just me, but the first thing I noticed is that their lips are moving.

...The stabilization of the global economy and financial markets remains our highest priority....
"...The authorities are still at a loss on the best course of action 18 months after the credit crisis broke out...."
Noooo. Ya' think?

Personally, I'm of half a mind that they really do know what they're doing--crashing the dollar to bring about the greatest concentration of economic power ever considered.

"...President Barack Obama will pivot quickly...."

" address a budget deficit that could now approach $2 trillion this year...."

Why that "could approach $2 trillion this year" isn't italicized and bolded, and followed by an exclamation point is something that I can't understand.

That said, the very idea of such a pivot makes me dizzy and makes me wonder: Now he's concerned about the deficit? What about the "crisis"(!), the "catastrophe"(!!)?

Zero has taken us Off The Deep End. We may have been headed there anyway, but his concern now, that he has his Stimulus package, is duplicitous. But what else is new?


...Leviathon post. Well worth your time.

I saw this while on the treadmill...

...on my last trip, and it literally, stopped me in my tracks.

"We Are All Socialists Now"

Isn't this what Joe the Plumber exposed?

Not the cover art to the Newsweek story above, but somehow apt anyway....

"...The people who say they are qualified to micromanage the affairs of the world...."

"...can't do arithmetic well enough to be a successful bank teller, and can't figure out whether to put an apostrophe in it is."

I've often had these same thoughts--that those who cannot do, teach, and that those who cannot teach, regulate--but am rarely able to coalesce these thoughts in my own head, much less get them out onto (cyber)-paper.

"...It smacks of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting held in a bar...."

Courtesy of Glenn, I see that "We're Heading Toward a Global Weimar". I too have a number of disagreements here, primarily with the idea that merging the G-8 and the U.N. Security Council will accomplish anything. The Security Council has little of accomplishment on it's own, and why giving them a role in financial regulation is beyond me.

Saturday, February 07, 2009


As will surprise no one who has read this blog for any time, I am less-than-impressed with Barack Obama. He is a leftist with ties to Marxists (Alinsky, Ayers), racists (Wright), and idiots (Biden).

But with his first two weeks, Obama has demonstrated one of the traits not commented on widely in recent days: Inexperience with leadership.

Obama has little experience at running anything larger than his former Senate office. His Harvard Law Review days show little evidence of leadership. He is our Community-Organizer-in-Chief, now cast into a leadership role, and he is floundering.

His Cabinet choices are appalling. Clinton is damaged goods (her husband's speaking fees from foreign sources), Holder is a politically-tied Attorney General, Geithner is a tax cheat. Richardson, Daschle and Killefer had to withdraw. His Labor Department nominee is in trouble. These are mistakes that those who have not lead make.

He is being treated rudely by the families of those killed in the GWOT. A leader would know how to assuage these people.

Iran and North Korea taunt him. Is Pakistan deliberately trying to embarass him?

His stimulus plan, while it may pass, has damaged him.

On That-Forum-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, I have been challenged for addressing Obama as "Zero". However, for a man of no accomplishment, who screws up half his cabinet appointments, who offers no solutions to our problems, who offends the families of our heros, who tin-horn dictators around the world openly mock, the term "Zero" seems to be apt.

His weakness is everywhere.

Told you so.

Peter Schiff Hedges His Opinion....


Schiff: "Stimulus Bill Will Lead to 'Unmitigated Disaster'"

h/t Allahpundit over at Hot Air.

Joe Biden:

(Image swiped from The American Thinker.)

"If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there's still a 30 percent chance we're going to get it wrong,"

Grammys and Oscars....

So yesterday, after landing my flight from JFK to LAX, the lead Flight Attendant told me that we had two nominees on board.

I had noticed the first at the gate in JFK. I'm pretty sure it was George Clinton and a woman I took to be his wife. (The Grammy nominee list is here, but it is not searchable, and I didn't take the time to look at every name. Maybe Clinton is there; maybe not.)

Although he did not have the wigs/hats/etc that he wears on stage, he is still hard not to notice.

As is my habit, I stood in the door to greet as many of our passengers as I could (especially our First Class passengers). I noticed that the Clintons were completely cold to my greeting....not acknowledging me in any way. At the gate in LAX, they were equally cool. They struck me as people who believed they were better than "The Hired Help".

I also noticed a happy, friendly woman who pleasantly acknowledged both the greeting I offered in JFK and my "goodbye" in LAX.

As it turns out, the same Flight Attendant said that she is an Oscar nominee...for cinematography.

Why is it that some people at the pinnacle of their careers can be so warm and happy about it, and others project coolness?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I wish we had been here sooner....

Via Hot Air, I see this WaPo article which headlines...
"Senate Lacks Votes to Pass Stimulus"
This is obviously good news. I've been against these tax incentives/bailouts/stimuli from the start. We have been poorly served, both by the congresscritters and the Fed who have gotten us into this mess, and by the idiots trying to get us out.

I thought I had written about McCain suspending his campaign, but now can't find it. I do remember being alarmed at the stunt. While I could see where he might see the moment as one where he could offer leadership, I thought that suspending his campaign spoke of desperation. That said, a bit more principled opposition to the whole idea of the bailouts would have served us well.

Today, with the backbone that the House Republicans offered a week ago, perhaps the Senate R's will also slow this train down. Before we rush at full speed right over the cliff.

More here, and here.