Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So, anyhooo....

I think I've mentioned somewhere that we are a family with pets. Specifically, a cat and five dogs. Most of these "belong" to WifeofAzlib, but I do claim the one large dog (a yellow lab).

As with children, they occasionally get sick and require a trip to the vet.

Today, it was our littlest dog, Lola, a Yorkie who has been blind for some years. I often joke that she is our dog who needs a seeing-eye dog, but in truth she makes out as well as can be expected. That said, she is a fragile breed with a disability, and as such, WifeofAzlib often pampers her.

However a day or two ago, Lola began to walk in circles and become not responsive to sound. And this prompted our trip to the vet today. Our vet is a dear kind man who has treated our many pets for years. He diagnosed an inner ear problem.

That's not why I write today.

In his lobby, I couldn't help but notice this magazine....

The "Tails" magazine franchise is a complimentary magazine seen in a number of communities meant as a medium for veterinary offices or maybe pet stores. This means that it is high on advertising and low on content.

And Barack Obama graces the cover of this magazine--this free, low-content magazine--in a story telling us how the Obamas going to get a dog for their girls. So, get the girls a dog already. How hard is it? There are about a thousand shelters or breeders who would be happy to put their puppy in your hands. Quit holding out the "hope" [**snicker**] of a dog for your girls and just get one.

And, are there no magazine covers that Obama would turn down?

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