Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A bit late at patting myself on the back...

A long time ago, I wrote the following in response to a debate on another forum...

...While we’re in the neighborhood, let’s not kid ourselves about Pakistan. They don’t have control of their side of the border either, and their intelligence service is thoroughly infiltrated by the bad guys. At least Musharraf is able to wear a decent suit, but I don’t trust ole’ Pervez as far as I could throw him. I mean, he’s both the President and a General. Bad combo, man. Bad combo. Does anyone really believe he wouldn’t incinerate Bombay in a New Delhi minute if he thought he could get away with it? He may have figured out that cozying up to Bush was the key to keeping his job (and his head on his shoulders), but I’m tellin’ ya’, he’s bad juju. Bad juju....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things I Never Thought I'd See, Part Deux...

Chapter 2: Las Vegas

[OK. Maybe Things I Never Thought I'd See: Las Vegas deserves a whole book, rather than just a chapter. Maybe I'll get around to that one day.]

Most Las Vegas visitors would consider our layover hotel to be an absolutely miserable place. Imagine the cheesiest, cheapest stereotype of a bad Vegas hotel. Now imagine Cheez Whiz. You are now beginning to get an idea of the Las Vegas Greek Isles.

The Greek Isles is the former Debbie Reynolds Casino and Hotel. When she went bankrupt, she ended up selling it to the WWF. Here's a place that sells vintage casino chips.

Almost nobody except airline crews stay at the Greek Isles. They do have a Rat Pack show which I'm told is actually pretty good, but I dunno...that's kinda hard to believe. The place is pretty much a joke among the airline business, and I'd have to guess it would be thought of as the same joke among the Vegas hotel and casino folks.

However, I actually don't mind the place. Because the clientele is almost exclusively airline crews, there really aren't any noise problems. While the room furnishings are spartan and dated, the beds are fairly comfortable. I can get Fox News on their TVs. The curtains are fantastic. It takes almost no effort to get the room completely dark. Their workout room is not the best I've seen, but also not the worst either. They have a crew room (again, spartan) with microwave, large TV, pool table (I think) and a couple of computers (!). All-in-all, for my needs, not a bad place.


They run a karaoke bar, which is often active when we check in.

After working in a service industry for many years now, I confess that it isn't often that I'm surprised by what I see the public do. People will do anything, and I mean: A. Ny. Thing.

However, not once in a million years would I imagine I would observe a 60-something woman...someone's grandmother...karaoke....

Jethro Tull's Aqualung.

Only in America, folks. Only in America.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


We're almost done with the remodel. In addition to a small bit of baseboard to finish and install, there remains a small drywall repair in the dining room and a couple of paint touch-ups around the house to get to yet. Of course, the bookcases are not done yet, but that's not something I'm involved with. Other than that, we're done. D.O.N.E.

Survived the Turkey day well enough. It was a small affair--just the five of us--but this will be the last year with all of us home, so that was appropriate.

We still have to get the Christmas decorations out of the attic and the house decorated. This year will be bit different as the new layout of the family room will mean changes to how we've done things in the past, and some of our decorating will have to wait until the bookcases are installed.

Serious blogging (well, if you can call any of this "serious") will resume once the decorations are up and my damned computer is fixed.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Remodel Update...

Progress is slow, but steady. We've been interrupted (slightly) by a visit from our future son-in-law, and slowed by some of the same sorts of things that slow down any project--details. I hope to be done by Thanksgiving.

Skeptics raise doubts on global warming...

No kidding.

BTW, you can put me in the "third-camp" sort of skepticals.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Why can't we say...

Michael Yon: Pulitzer Prize winner?

See also: Glenn, Chris, Powerline, among many others, I'm sure.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Update from the road...

The family room remodel project is on the downhill portion, but there remains many details to yet get to. The home theater system needs to be re-wired, baseboards and crown moulding installed, and I may have to rip into the fireplace false-wall to re-wire the HDTV.

On the political front, it appears that Hillary isn't all that invincible, which is something I've thought for some time. Now if the R's can get a front-runner, then maybe the D's can be beaten.

Thanks to all my tens and tens of faithful readers (as well as those here after searching for pictures of Iranian WIG vehicles) for your continued patience. Serious blogging (assuming I can get my computer up to speed) should resume no later than the Christmas holidays.