Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Where is the new Barry Goldwater?

If the Republicans could find their present-day Barry Goldwater, they could absolutely clean up politically. But they persist in their present mold of being only slightly less corrupt than the Democrats, and every bit as willing to freely spend our money.

Is there not someone out there who can speak these truths today?

A little catching up...

I said earlier that I'd get to something about the atrocious Kelo decision, and frankly had forgotten about it.

So, today I run across this little gem, which exemplifies just where my fears might take us. H/T Sharp as a Marble, via Ace.

Ammo? Oh, yeah. I've got ammo.

[BTW, sorry for the scarcity of posting as of late. I've run into a bankruptcy at work (and the resultant questions of "What will we do if the company goes under?", extra work at home, and a general lack of motivation for this thing. We'll see if I can keep it going.]