Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I wish we had been here sooner....

Via Hot Air, I see this WaPo article which headlines...
"Senate Lacks Votes to Pass Stimulus"
This is obviously good news. I've been against these tax incentives/bailouts/stimuli from the start. We have been poorly served, both by the congresscritters and the Fed who have gotten us into this mess, and by the idiots trying to get us out.

I thought I had written about McCain suspending his campaign, but now can't find it. I do remember being alarmed at the stunt. While I could see where he might see the moment as one where he could offer leadership, I thought that suspending his campaign spoke of desperation. That said, a bit more principled opposition to the whole idea of the bailouts would have served us well.

Today, with the backbone that the House Republicans offered a week ago, perhaps the Senate R's will also slow this train down. Before we rush at full speed right over the cliff.

More here, and here.

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