Thursday, March 20, 2008

What an amazing time we live in...

...when I, your humble and nearly-totally unread blogger, can spend part of my afternoon yesterday listening to the arguments presented in the Supreme Court on a very important Second Amendment issue (Click the link for the C-span audio feed).

I've never done this, and not being a lawyer or anything more than an armchair Constitutional scholar, I don't know how it really went, but from my vantage, it sure sounded as though there is serious SC questioning of the DC position. Let's hope so. A definitive ruling on the meaning of the 2A, including just what "well-regulated" and "militia" mean would go far.

I don't expect the Court to go this far though, and further, I expect that whichever way they rule, that we'll be talking about gun rights, as we talk about abortion, for some time to come.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Five Years In"...

I missed this last year. It is now updated to reflect the Five Year Anniversary of the War in Iraq at the ever-wonderful American Digest.

Jim Cramer and CNBC...

There's a little too much conspiracy theorism at about the 8-9 minute point, but on the point of the Fed's actions with regard to the value of our currency, and the complete idiocy that comes out of Jim Cramer and the rest of the MSM financial media, this guy has got it goin' on.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Barack's in trouble...

Nearly everyone on the planet has already noted Obama's egregious minister...

Obama's explanation of tolerating this minister is lame and lawyer-like. The American Thinker deconstructs Obama completely here.

But what tells me Obama's in real trouble here is the fact that the Mainstream Media are looking at this. ABC and the New York Times are just the tip of the iceberg on media now looking into the ministry of the Trinity United Church of Christ. Obama's claim that he never heard the horrible things Wright has preached is certain to be overturned.

Secondly, this incident has been enough to get Obama on to Fox News Channel...something he had eschewed up until this point. He doesn't do especially well here...

Thirdly, at the work website that I frequent, I'm hearing more and more folks who otherwise might be reliable democrat voters say that they won't be voting for Obama. After Rezko, Michelle's "proud moment", and now this, I'm thinking that many democrat voters who might be on the fence will have now been pushed towards Hillary. And I suspect that there will be some reliable Obama voters who may now be questioning their support for him. The other dynamic here is the affect all this will have on the Democrat Super-delegates.

The Sunday shows tomorrow morning will be very interesting.


...Dodged a bullet.

I spent yesterday trying to log on here only to find that I had an expired, junk email address that I used for this sort of thing. I went through Google's FAQ and recovery set up, but that seemed to be a dead end.

Today however I was able to log on, and once on, was able to update my email address. Funny how much even a crappy blogger such as I panics at the thought of losing my access to this thing.

Lesson learned.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


"No endorsements out of us".

Two questions:
  • Do presidential candidates--anywhere--expect or solicit foreign government endorsements?
  • Assuming that Iran might have endorsed a candidate in the U.S. presidential race, does anyone care to guess at who it might be?

Friday, March 07, 2008

"We are building a religion..."

Another gem courtesy of Gerard.

Barack endorses...

After advocating a unilateral nuclear stand down,

Barack Obama now endorses public vandalism...."Your images have a profound effect on people, whether in a gallery or on a stop sign...."

[Context of who the artist is, and the vandalism he inspires here.]

h/t Gerard.

On the adoration of Obama...

What Karl said.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Slate: In the tank for Obama...

Oh, wait. That's not how MSN put it.

Rather, in referring to this article, it was..."Slate: Clinton comes back, but how meaningful are wins?"

One wonders: Would the MSN headline writers have considered "Slate: Obama loses another two big states; Can he win?"

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Man. I hate it when...

...I post something from CBS News, but I gotta agree with Ace. This is awesome.