Saturday, February 07, 2009

Grammys and Oscars....

So yesterday, after landing my flight from JFK to LAX, the lead Flight Attendant told me that we had two nominees on board.

I had noticed the first at the gate in JFK. I'm pretty sure it was George Clinton and a woman I took to be his wife. (The Grammy nominee list is here, but it is not searchable, and I didn't take the time to look at every name. Maybe Clinton is there; maybe not.)

Although he did not have the wigs/hats/etc that he wears on stage, he is still hard not to notice.

As is my habit, I stood in the door to greet as many of our passengers as I could (especially our First Class passengers). I noticed that the Clintons were completely cold to my greeting....not acknowledging me in any way. At the gate in LAX, they were equally cool. They struck me as people who believed they were better than "The Hired Help".

I also noticed a happy, friendly woman who pleasantly acknowledged both the greeting I offered in JFK and my "goodbye" in LAX.

As it turns out, the same Flight Attendant said that she is an Oscar nominee...for cinematography.

Why is it that some people at the pinnacle of their careers can be so warm and happy about it, and others project coolness?

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