Tuesday, January 06, 2009

This is what is wrong with this country.....

Click here. I ran across this at Powerline, and it was an ad that leads here. I don't really know how these blog ads work (I suspect that they change moment-to-moment), but it gave me pause.

Think about this: "...[A] free government grant that you don't have to pay back."

Folks, there is no such thing as "a free government grant". If you believe that there is, you also have to believe in a perpetual motion machine.

"A free government grant" gets paid by someone. It may be free to you, but its not free to us. We are taxed to provide the funds for these grants. And when you become wealthy enough to become one of us, you too will be taxed to provide a "free government grant" to someone else. And if we aren't taxed, then the Fed. or somebody will be printing money out of thin air.

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