Wednesday, January 28, 2009

USA Today...

You know, I don't really decry the loss of American print media. They have spend the last couple of decades peddling a patently biased product. They haven't figured out how to make money from providing their product in the internet. For these reasons (and more), we gave up our subscription to the Arizona Republic.

But I have always really, really, REALLY (!) hated USA Today. It epitomizes the dumbing down of America. Nothing they write is of substance. Most of their viewpoints are wrong. They are only good for the Suduko, and that isn't even all that good. I get a better puzzle off my cellphone.

And they fail to ask themselves the most basic of questions.

Case in point: [And damn my poor intertubes skillz: I cannot find this online to post here.] USA Today posts a "USA Today Snapshot" on the front of every section. Here is a very old list. It is a small graphic which, I guess, is supposed to tell us a story.

Today's Front Section includes this question: "Most adults ride without helmets. There is no federal law requiring bicycle helmets, but 36 states have local laws. How often adults wear helmets when they bike:...."

Does USA Today even wonder if we would want a federal law on bike helmets? Who would enforce this? Would we have the FBI begin looking for unhelmeted bikers? Would our prisons fill up with bike scofflaws?

Morons. Media morons.

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