Friday, September 21, 2007


So anyway, a couple of weeks ago SonofAzlib and I went to see Superbad. It's a typical teenage-angst movie, with guys dreaming of scoring booze and getting laid, and full of enough juvenile humor to do for the both of us, but not nearly as good as American Pie or, my favorite, Napoleon Dynamite.

One of the main Superbad characters is a guy--a dweeb, really--who gets a fake driver's license in the name of McLovin. One name, like Cher or Bono.

I bring all this up because not long after seeing the movie, I ran into a police officer with the most unusual name...Morris McCool.

Even if it were a family name, or somehow honored someone close to them, knowing the inevitable ridicule that would come with the name, I cannot imagine what would possess a parent to name their son "Morris McCool".

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