Tuesday, August 18, 2009

These things need to be said.....

Man carrying assault weapon attends Obama protest
  • No. It wasn't me. I wasn't even in the state, so don't blame/credit me.
  • No. An AR15 is not an "assault weapon".
  • Yes. I own an AR15. I'd like to own another--specifically, a M4 model. I also own other rifles, and those who do not understand guns might incorrectly consider some of them to be "assault weapons".
  • No. I have never gone to any public political protest or meeting with an AR15 or any other rifle.
  • Yes. There is nothing wrong with peacefully carrying a rifle in public. Even to a political protest. And even to a political protest when the President is in the state.
  • No. That's not saying that I would.
  • Yes. The hoplophobes will shriek to high heaven about this. They're good at that.
  • Yes. Openly, and peacefully carrying a rifle is no more threatening a political statement than carrying a sign.
  • Yes. Carrying a rifle is a good piece of political theater. Kinda like those big paper mâché heads, but something you can actually make use of later.
  • And finally, Yes, this kind of thing has both a good side and a bad side. Which side you see depends on the viewpoint you begin with.

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