Monday, August 10, 2009

Jumper Cables.....

So I did a little internet-shopping this morning.

No: Not shopping for internet; Shopping on the internet. But I digress.....

We had a little event last month that I am trying to prevent a repeat of: A dead battery on a 114° day and a faulty set of jumper cables.

When I bought the cables for WifeofAzlib's SUV, I knew they were OK, but given that she's always kept an AAA membership, I didn't opt for the best cables available. The cables were really a backstop for the AAA service.

However, when we came out of a movie on that 114° afternoon to find our dead SUV battery, and with AAA telling us to expect their truck in 45 minutes, the true price of those cheaper cables came into clarity.

So I spent a few minutes on Amazon this morning looking for a better set of jumper cables that we can both be more comfortable with in her SUV.

Here's what I bought....

Nice, right?

They're good, heavy-duty cables, made in America, and at what I thought was a decent price.

However, here's what sold me on these cables: The best product review of a set of jumper cables EVAH.....
I got these jumper cables and they fit perfectly onto my nipples. I walked around my house all night, and they didn't even slip off. They're very comfortable to sleep in as well. Highly recommended!

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