Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Nightmare I hadn't anticipated...

No. Not that Hillary Clinton's advisors are "in a state of panic". Her hubris thus far means that she deserves panic. She deserves endless harping about her campaign donors. She deserves to be called a flip-flopper. She deserves criticism for crapping on Shuster. She deserves everything.

No. The nightmare would be the possibility of a McCain/Powell ticket mentioned towards the bottom of the article.

Let's stipulate that (open-minded) Democrats would agree that the black community is as concerned with identity politics as they are about the issues. And that perhaps, in a bit of triangulation, that McCain might want a black VP nominee.

But Powell? McCain may be less than conservative-pure, and he may be a Maverick, but he ain't suicidal. He's essentially running on the wisdom of continuing the war. How does Powell help him there? McCain picks Powell, and the conservatives he's been sucking up to since Super Tuesday would draw and quarter him.

I could live with, and perhaps welcome a McCain/Watts ticket. But McCain/Powell would be too far.

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