Sunday, May 06, 2007

Still not dead...

OK, the wrought iron is painted (Finally!), and I've only got the exterior lights to clean and paint. In other words, the end of the giant paint project is approaching.

However, so is recurrent. I'm behind where I want to be in regards to getting the CD package finished, as well as in general studying....and that deadline is fixed. Daughter#3's graduation also approaches, with the hoopla she deserves, and family in town for the event. Finally, our trip to the Grand Canyon comes at the end of the month.

In other words...I'm still busy, and still not dead.

On a brief political note, I bring you this. George Tenet has apparantly written a book intended to resurrect his political hide. It will serve that purpose with those who already believe that "Bush Lied: People Died", but serious folks are seeing holes in Tenet's story right from page 1.

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