Wednesday, January 31, 2007

There's trouble brewing...

...with Iran (as if that weren't obvious).

A while back, I wondered if the end of our kid-glove approach with Iranian meddling in Iraq wasn't an omen that a new Gulf of Tonkin incident might be in the offing. Since this post, there has been the very sophisticated kidnapping and execution of 5 soldiers (h/t Protein Wisdom, and others). The speculation is now running that the Bush administration is soft-playing this story for some reason.

But now the MSM is putting two and two together and wondering if these forces moving behind the scenes aren't about to break out into a more public war.

I certainly don't wish for a wider war, but I cannot ignore the fact that Iran must be confronted. They're the ones pushing their apololyptic vision of the future, and we're kidding ourselves if we think this will just go away.

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