Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union...

[I confess that I slept through most of the SOTU speech last night. I didn't sleep particularly well the night before, got a good workout at the gym in the morning, then spent the afternoon making concrete. Therefore an evening nap was unavoidable.]

But, I did see much of the post-speech discussion (on FNC, of course). And, I cannot help but agree with the strength that Jules Crittenden sees here.

We are at war. For all that the Democrats try, they cannot ignore this point. They've been trying to snatch defeat out of the hands of victory as they pursue their own political agenda, but when it comes to Iraq, they offer nothing, and are proud of their "nothingness" as long as Bush gets the blame for Iraq. Eventually, either today or when their candidate wins in '08 (God forbid), they're going to have to deal with the problems in Iraq, the Mid-East, and the Muslim world.

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