Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11...

On the fifth anniversary of the day that changed everything, I planned my month to be home. In past years I had either forgotten about the upcoming 9/11, or it didn't factor too highly in my planning, but this year, it just seemed different.

I had never imagined that my life and the lives of my children would be defined by war, but that seems to be the case. I've certainly changed at work--taken a pay cut, lost most of my retirement, and have taken other changes that I won't get into. I think Son #1 is entertaining a career in the NSA. Daughter #1 is on track to marry a guy from the Air Force Academy. Daughter #2 is active in her high school's UN club, and has a copy of The Qu'ran on the breakfast table as I write. Never in a million years would I imagine any of these things, but they are real, none-the-less.

I spent 9/11/06 just about like I had wanted to...with the people who mean everything to me. I made a sack lunch for Daughter #2, spoke with Son #1 as much as he's able to manage in the morning, finished some chores around the house that needed attention, helped out Mrs. Azlib on some of her work, went to a financial planner (finally!), and was able to briefly see Daughter #1 at ASU.

Anyway, I don't mean to offer something significant...just that being home was important this year, and it worked out well.

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