Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Iranian Flying Boats...

As an experiment to aid my understanding of Google Bombs, I am again showing this image, although this time not just as a link, but as an image.

I have written on Iranian military improvements earlier here. I don't get many readers, but of those that I do get, most come from a search for the above photo. In fact, a large proportion of my readers come from Iran. So this post is an experiment to see if I can google-bomb this photo.

Regarding Iran's military, I am somewhat conflicted. They are definitely a third-world power who is trying to bluff others into believing they are more capable than I believe they really are. As I wrote earlier, this flying boat has been around at least 25 years. Their 200 mph torpedo is basically a suicide weapon. Recently I saw video of an Iranian military officer flying a RC airplane into what appears to be a tethered hydrogen-filled balloon [Our squadrons of tethered hydrogen-filled balloons are in great jeapardy!]. Here... video of what I take to be an Iranian reconnaisance UAV. It does not strike me as capable of flight in anything but the calmest of winds, probably does not have much range, and appears to offer no better images than can be found on Google-Earth. They have a large military of largely under-equipped and poorly-trained cannon fodder. All-in-all, I am not impressed with Iran's military capability.

All that said, it won't take much to drastically change the equation. Their nuclear ambitions are, at best, quite troublesome. Barring those, the fact that choking or closing the Strait of Hormuz would be a childishly easy military task is something else for us to worry about.

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