Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hey. Look who has a burr under his saddle...

It appears that Clinton has gone all whiney about his legacy (such as it is).

h/t Stop the ACLU via Ace.

Update: Not that any of these folks need my help with their traffic, but you can read more on Clinton's legacy here, here, here, here, here, and here, among many, many others. Clinton screwed the pooch here. If I were a Democrat looking to win a seat in Congress in a couple of months, I'd be cringing now. This performance was all about Clinton and his legacy, and not about advancing the interests of Democrats. And Hillary(!) is doomed. I bet she's throwing more ashtrays.

Update2: I just watched the video again with the sound off and couldn't help but noticing Clinton's body language. Like all good politicians (and lawyers), he's learned to use gestures to help make his points. But he takes this to excess, IMO. I'm no expert on the meaning of gestures, but here's what jumped out at me...

He makes great use of his famous wagging the point at a couple of instances of changing his wagging finger into a stabbing finger. At other points, his wagging finger morphs into wagging hands. He leans forward into his opponent. He reaches across to stab his finger into Wallace's leg...a gesture that I would have a hard time not responding to. At one point, Clinton pulls back and defends his point with a hand to the face, his pinky touching the corner of his mouth.

I'm hoping someone with some expertise here can delve more deeply into his body language.

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