Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I wonder if he gets tired of being wrong all the time...

I can't remember when I haven't had a subscription to a dead-tree newspaper. So this morning, as I dalied before getting to my chores, I ran across this column by Paul Krugman where he posits that America is losing jobs to Canada because of their superior healthcare. Of course, Krugman being Krugman, he misses a couple of salient points...
  • The number of Canadians who are fleeing their country precisely because of their less-than-acceptable standards of healthcare.
  • He claims that there will be no effect to Canadian taxpayers because "all Canadians get government-provided health insurance in any case". This is like saying that healthcare is as free as the air. It's just there for anyone to enjoy, and costs nothing. Absurd on it's face.
  • If Canadian state healthcare is so superior, and corporations are deciding where to place their new jobs because of this, why are we not hearing of Canadians complaining of the hoards of Americans "voting with their feet" and illegally coming across the Canadian border to take these new jobs?

And, with unintended, yet perfect irony, the editors of the Arizona Republic place this article above the fold on the front page of this very same issue.

Update: Heh. (h/t: Cracker Barrel Philosopher)

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