Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hey--My First Gun Post

I've been shooting IDPA for about a year and a half now. I have always intended to go once a month, but in practice, am only able to get to a match every-other month or so. It is admittedly somewhat anal, but I do a little statistical analysis of the results I get back. Now--there are some among the crowd that I normally shoot with who are very good (Rob Leatham occasionally shows up).

So, I am quite happy to report that I have improved to where I am almost average.


Cowboy Blob said... are you doing? Got pics? Range reports? Talk to us!

azlibertarian said...

A GIANT tip of the hat to you as my very first commenter.

No. No pics. For a number of reasons, I'm much too private to put those up. I'm not looking to set the world on fire, or make a name for myself, so I'll just stay private for the time being.

I'm doing OK. Not super, but OK. I have improved quite a bit, and am really enjoying the IDPA experience. There's a world of difference between taking your time as you stand square up in front of a non-moving target, and what a typical IDPA stage involves.

I had been shooting my Glock23C (although I had to get an uncompensated barrel to be IDPA-legal) out of a Predator IWB holster. As much as I like the thing, as it turns out, I suck badly with it. Recently, I've been using a HK USP Compact, and do much better with it.

Thanks again for the comment!