Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Home Depot and Lowe's....

So, anyhoo, I had some errands today that took me initially to Home Depot and then to Lowe's because Home Depot didn't have one item that was on my list.

And as I was in the garden section at Home Depot getting a fitting to fix a leaky hose, I spied a guy reaching for something from an upper shelf and in doing so, exposing his concealed weapon in a OWB black leather holster. [Makes me glad that I carry in a IWB holster.]

And then, as I was driving out of the parking lot a Lowe's, a guy crossed the lane in front of me wearing his sidearm openly.

Maybe not limited to Arizona, but these sights are certainly not seen in many places in America.

Now, if ammo prices would come back to earth, maybe I would get out to shoot more.

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