Sunday, December 07, 2008

Oh, Great.

"...Shinseki will be named as Barack Obama's Secretary of Veterans' Affairs...."

Sorry, but Shiseki was wrong about Iraq, and Rumsfeld was right. As was evident at the start, the extra troops that Sheseki was insisting on were not needed to take down Saddam's army. Taking the extra "hundreds of thousands" of troops into Iraq would have had us there with the larger, more oppressive footprint that would have reinforced the impression that we were there to occupy, rather than free Iraq. It is incorrect to assume that the extra Surge troops would have brought about success earlier. Not that this was the plan all along, but the Surge troops succeeded because they were applied at a point where the Iraqi public (at least the Sunni) had grown tired of the al Qaeda excesses and began their Anbar Awakening.

Shinseki is to Bush what McClellan was to Lincoln--a General who wanted to build his Army to an enormous level before using it.

The reason behind this selection is simple: The Prophet Obama (PBUH) has been drawing considerable criticism from the Angry Left for his choices for Defense, State, and National Security Advisor, and for his approach to the economic troubles we are in.

Shinseki is a bone thrown to the Angry Left.

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