Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I did my part....

Today is National Ammo Day. I had thought about this earlier in the week, but frankly had forgotten about it. On my morning errands, I stopped in at Sportsman's Warehouse, and seeing a sign on their door that they're have a "Sales Tax" Sale, I decided I wouldn't leave empty handed.

Ammo is on my list for the upcoming December gunshow (I--along with about 10,000 others--will be looking for a couple AR lowers), so I was going to buy anyway. I'll probably come home from the gunshow with a couple handguns, and perhaps will sell some long guns.

Yesterday, I took one of the Colt Pocketlite's into the gunsmith for a little work, and found out that they are more valuable than I had thought. I really don't have much need for another .380, and I had considered selling these two at the gunshow, but the new knowledge of their value has me reconsidering. Perhaps I'll keep them; perhaps I'll pass them to Dau#1-and Dau#2ofAzlib; perhaps they'll go to the highest bidder.

Anyhoo, 250 rounds of 40S&W are now safely in my hands.

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