Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ben Stein...

This is sincerely breaking my heart, but I am beginning to question my affection for Ben Stein. I have kept a subscription to The American Spectator (at no small expense) largely because I love reading his column every month. The obituaries he has written to his mother, father and friends have touched me over the years and leave me wishing to be remembered as fondly as Stein remembers his lost loves.

However, Stein has become quite fickle on our Global War against Islamic Terror, specifically as it has been played out in Iraq. At one point, he said that he thought that "Mr. Bush is going to go down in history as one of the great peacemakers and democracy-builders in the history of the world". Then, not a year later, he said that Bush should admit that Iraq had become a "quagmire".

I first noted my disillusionment with Stein here.

And now, here is another example of how my heart is breaking at losing my cyber-friendship (if in my mind only) with Stein. In the interests of the economy, he is endorsing the same big-government, big-spending programs that got us into the hole that we're in.

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