Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Six Scenarios..."

...of present-day unlikely events as predicted by the New York Sun.

Here's to scenario #1...
1) Mr. Huckabee or Senator Thompson break out of the pack and emerge as the Republican nominee, and the Democrats nominate Senator Clinton. Mayor Bloomberg, seeing an opening for a unifying centrist figure, gets into the race with the backing of Senator McCain, Governor Romney, Mayor Giuliani, and Senator Obama.

However, the Sun, many New Yorkers, as well as much (most?) of the MSM are infected with the New Yorker's famous view of America...

Michael Bloomberg is not a viable national candidate as either part of a national party or as an independent. Rudy Guiliani has spent the years since 9/11 making himself known to America in a way that Bloomberg has not. Bloomberg may be a big name in our biggest city, but that does not make him electable across the country.

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