Thursday, October 04, 2007

A note on life in Arizona...

What you're seeing here is a relatively large--and still living--bark scorpion caught in the web of a black widow spider residing in the crevasses of my garage door.

[Note to self: Make sure the exterminator isn't just spraying scented water on his next visit.]

For those not from Arizona, scorpions are nearly impossible to get rid of. They walk up on their "fingernails", so they don't pick up much of whatever pesticide you lay down. If they do get a "dose", they have an ability to hibernate and wait out the effects of the pesticide. I live on an acre of irrigated orange orchard, and there is nothing--nothing--that can done to get rid of them all. There is also nothing that can be done after a scorpion's sting. A sting will be painful for about a week or so, but for all but the very young and the very old, they are rarely fatal. FWIW, scorpions glow while under a black light.

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