Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Elites have it all wrong...

The elite in this country--the media, academia, many pundits--have it all wrong. Americans, by and large, approve of our military and what we're doing.

Case in point...

Yesterday in Savannah, we arrived at the gate to see a wife and two teenage daughters waiting to greet their hero home from the war. [How they were able to get inside security for this event is another story. However, I digress.] They'd made posters and carried American flags. They even went to the trouble to distribute smaller American flags to the crowd.

As the Navy Captain, in desert camo, came into the terminal from the jetway, a great round of applause broke out and those with flags waved them enthusiastically. Hugs and tears were exchanged between the separated family members, and the tears spread to the crowd.

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