Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Clash of Civilizations...

Not that I claim this idea as mine, because I don't. In fact, I first heard it expressed by Tom Friedman--a guy I usually disagree with. However, we are in a Clash of Civilizations. A war of the worst type--a religious war. On one side are the Islamofacists. And on the other are Those-who-worship-Freedom.

So I present here another post making this same point. And Van der Leun believes that we will have to get hit again hard to make us all understand what we're facing.
On September 11, the agents of Radical Islam began their attempt to destroy Freedom by attacking it at its core. The reaction of Freedom to this assault has been, once you consider the destructive power of the weapons systems it possesses, measured, deliberate and cautious. This is because Freedom, although sorely wounded, does not yet feel that its very existence is threatened. A more serious attack at any time in the future will put paid to that specious notion.

I again am in complete agreement with Van der Leun when he says...
What we must seek is not merely the "control" and "containment" of terror, for terror in this guise cannot be controlled or contained. We must come to the deeper understanding that only a complete victory over the global Radical Islamic forces can prevent the onset of a confrontation more terrible than the current war.
My signature line at The High Road is...
I do not wish for Peace with our Enemies.
We did not create our enemies--they created themselves.
What I really want is Victory over our Enemies.
Anyway, I encourage a trip over to The American Digest. [Note to self: Update the links!]

Update: Links now updated, and Chris Muir is added too!

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