Saturday, June 24, 2006

IDPA Range Report...

So last month's report was all about the fun of the BUG match.

This month's report will focus on dedication--as in just who will show up on a Saturday afternoon in June for the IDPA match. 108° under cloudy skies. It's beginning to get humid and I just wish it would rain already!

As you might expect, the turnout was very small--maybe 14 guys. The setup this month was, thankfully, light--four stages, one of which included two strings. I shot with two very experienced shooters and a guy new to IDPA, but experienced in shooting and he was looking for IDPA pointers.

Anyway, the highlight of the match occured before I even got out of the truck. The Rio Saldo Sportsmans Club is now in possession of their second helicopter. Yes, you've got that right folks. Not prop helicopters. Real frikkin' helicopters.

And here is the proof (apologies for the crappy cell-phone camera, but you know. Whatever)...

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