Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hey, Democrats...

Not that it isn't obvious to everyone that you've dropped your objections to the "NSA- Domestic Wiretapping Terrorist Surveillance" policy, but does anyone still believe that these policies are not paying dividends?

In discussing the international nature of the recent arrests of an Islamist cell alleged to planning to bomb a Canadian target, John over at Powerline points out...

Hmm. Do you suppose that breaking up these terrorist gangs may have involved intercepting some international phone calls and emails?

How many bloviating (to use a favorite word of my least-favorite commentator) Democrats decried this program?

Hillary Clinton

Al Gore

John Kerry

Howard Dean

Well, you get the idea. Perhaps not in the mid-term elections this year, but certainly in the '08 Presidential race, this issue will become another albatross around the necks of Democrats.

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