Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I'm not fully....

...up to speed yet with this computer, but I am making progress. I prefer to use Firefox, so all my bookmarks are yet to be restored, and I've got other improvements to make with this thing.

Other impediments to my active writing here include....
  • What I believe is either a cracked tooth or inflamed sub-mandibular salivary gland, which is absolutely killing me, and which makes most everything else I attempt to do more difficult than it ought to be.
  • A very busy first half of the month, followed by a trip to Dallas for a school I need to attend, then a trip to California to see my dad, and ending the month with a trip to NYC to see our daughter run in the New York Marathon (And no: I can hardly believe it myself either).
  • A growing interest to work up the nerve to actually exercise. I've had the P-90X program for almost a year now, and may finally be ready to start it.
I do, however, remain amazed at even the very few readers I attract here. Dunno what brings you here (usually a picture I've snatched somewhere), but I do hope you enjoy things.

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