Sunday, April 05, 2009

A note to mark....

....the passage of a (very) small milestone: On checking my Sitemeter stats, I found that I was the 6000th visitor to my humble blog. I am still getting a (relative) ton of my visitors from the two Michelle Obama photos I used a while back. If you're here via these photos: Welcome. This is my humble effort at chronicling my views of the world, and I'm glad you stopped through. I don't pretend to be influential in the least.

On my previous mention of computer problems.....I am still battling this thing. This evening, I had an update to Adobe Flash that would not install completely, and would lock up the computer completely. After three attempts at installing this stupid thing, I did a System Restore. I am now running both a Webroot Antivirus scan and a Trend Micro Internet Security scan, and these two things in conjunction with Mozilla is bringing this thing to a crawl. Hope things improve.

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