Thursday, July 10, 2008

Obama the Elitist (Part 2)...

Evidence continues to mount (which I began to document here) that Obama is an elitist.

Most recently, he essentially tells us that "You and your kids are stupid and your mom dresses you funny." (Ok. I made that last part up.)

The French have noted Obama's lack of foreign language skills. [Tangentially, many of the Democrats who have called Bush "stupid", fail to note that he has a basic ability in Spanish.]

Related, (and I saw this point yesterday, but can't find find the link now--sorry), Obama is the product of a prep school. He did his graduate and post-graduate work at Ivy League schools. His daughters attend a private school. The elitism obscuring Obama's eyes may prevent him from knowing that it is quite common for public schools to begin foreign language exposure in the early elementary school grades.

[BTW, whatever you do, don't embarrass Barry.]

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