Sunday, June 08, 2008

Whether public statements regarding Iraq by U.S. government officials were substantiated by intelligence...

**Telephone rings**

Receptionist: "Hello. Obama Campaign Headquarters. How may I help you?"

Receptionist: "No. Senator Obama's not available right now. He's in a meeting. But I'd be happy to take a message for him."

Receptionist: "Umm, hmmm. Yes. Yes. Ok. I've got it. Any number where the Senator can reach you? No? Ok. I'll make sure he gets the message."

**Door opens**

Receptionist: "Oh, there you are, Senator. I've got a message from somebody who called himself '2003'. No need to return his call, and I don't really understand what he meant by this, but he asked that I let you know that he'd like his argument back."

h/t to Paul at Powerline, but nearly everyone else has addressed this as well.

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