Thursday, May 01, 2008


...this gem over at Exurban League where Kevin focuses on the internicene warfare within the Democrat Party. What caught my eye, however, was this quote...
"...But if the DNC wants use isolationism to win votes, let's take their rhetoric to its logical conclusion. Why not pull all of our troops out of South Korea and Japan -- the two peaceful countries McCain spoke of in his original comment? Dean probably isn't even aware, but it was a Democratic president, one of our greatest presidents, who committed American troops to those two countries with the full intent of keeping them there indefinitely to secure the peace. I don't think Harry Truman, if he were around today, would be appalled at the fact that we have 26,000 troops patrolling the DMZ in South Korea or 33,000 American troops in Japan. Perhaps Dean should next advocate a withdrawal of forces from Germany, the United Kingdom, Iceland and the dozens of other countries where the presence of American soldiers comprise our global defense posture, all of them stationed at the behest of the host countries. Come an Obama or Clinton administration, when the democratically elected parliament of the Iraqi people requests a continued American troop presence in Iraq -- as it has repeatedly done since the formation of the post-Saddam government -- will Congressional Democrats and the president nonetheless carry out a withdrawal? So much for 'paying any price' and 'bearing any burden'...." (emphases mine)
Not to toot my own horn (OK. Maybe just a little), but in my Reductio ad Absurdum treatise, I asked:
"...Try for a minute to think through what the world would look like if we
withdrew. You can just withdraw from Iraq, or you can withdraw from everywhere, and I end up at the same place: A world far less stable than before we left. I don't think that we're colonizing the world in our form. Rather, I deeply and
completely believe that the liberty we far too often take for granted is
something that everyone on this planet inately seeks. What we're doing in Iraq
(and the rest of the world) is to offer them a chance at that kind of

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