Thursday, March 20, 2008

What an amazing time we live in...

...when I, your humble and nearly-totally unread blogger, can spend part of my afternoon yesterday listening to the arguments presented in the Supreme Court on a very important Second Amendment issue (Click the link for the C-span audio feed).

I've never done this, and not being a lawyer or anything more than an armchair Constitutional scholar, I don't know how it really went, but from my vantage, it sure sounded as though there is serious SC questioning of the DC position. Let's hope so. A definitive ruling on the meaning of the 2A, including just what "well-regulated" and "militia" mean would go far.

I don't expect the Court to go this far though, and further, I expect that whichever way they rule, that we'll be talking about gun rights, as we talk about abortion, for some time to come.

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