Wednesday, December 12, 2007

They just don't get it...

I'm not much of a football fan, and especially not much of a pro football fan. Living here in the Phoenix area, it's hard--real hard--to like football.

That said, I certainly haven't followed Atlanta Falcons football. So when Falcon players send public messages of support to Michael Vick, one wonders just how grown men can not understand the gravity of Vick's crime.

The coach complicated the drama by resigning to go coach college ball. Lots of intrigue in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (registration required) on the coach's resignation, but not one word connecting the players support for Vick and Petrino's resignation.

I'm not defending Petrino at all. As I said, I don't follow football at all. Perhaps he was wrong in the way he handled the team and especially in the way he left. But the Falcon players were totally wrong in supporting Vick during their game.

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