Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I've made it to the Big Time...

OK. Maybe not the Big Time...as in a recommendation from Glenn, or Ace, or you know, summbody really big....Drudge or Lucianne.

Call it the Medium Time. Someone I don't know, and frankly, have never heard of, has recommended my humble blog as one of "a few newish blogs recently, and have decided to commend them to your attention".

So, thank you, kind Fran Porretto. I don't know you, and don't know how you came upon my meager writings, but the recommendation is quite generous. I hope I can live up to your readers' standards.

And if you're here from this kind recommendation from Eternity Road, then I hope you'll dig through the archives. I am especially proud of this post from back in October. It was written as a response on a Forum I frequent (which shall go unnamed). I believe it's length prevented me from posting it there, so I put it up here instead. I wrote about the effect of Elizabeth Edwards' cancer on her husband's campaign here. It's nothing political, but if you can stand a travelogue, and are remotely interested in a photogenic part of Arizona, the family and I recently hiked to Havasu Falls.

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