Saturday, July 21, 2007

A light posting schedule...

Despite what I see as the increased polarization of the political world, and the increasingly divergent views on the War, I've cut back on my posting for the time-being. Not that I don't have views here--because I do--I simply have elected to do other things for these summer months.

I am in the middle of a moderately busy work schedule. It is lucrative for me to fly more right now, so I am doing so.

More importantly, this will probably be the last summer that I can enjoy with all three of the kids home, and I am thoroughly engaged in time with them. Our trip to Havasu Falls was an example of this, and we're off for a "car-camping" trip next week. Couple this with occassional evening swimming sessions, a trip or two to the range, and there aren't many free hours for me to sit here and write. SonofAzlib and Dau#1ofAzlib will both graduate next year, and Dau#2- is off for her freshman year next month. Dau#1 came home from France engaged to her beau. The family is busy!

With our nest rapidly emptying out, we find ourselves approaching the point of being ready to downsize the house...which brings into mind the projects necessary around here to get the most from the place. Also, an approaching wedding (date not set yet) means the same thing: Which remodeling projects can we do, and in what order?

So, I haven't forgotten you, my tens and tens of faithful readers. I shall return!

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