Friday, June 22, 2007

"Papers, please"...

In the wake of the inability of the .gov to get passports to US citizens (who do have US birth certificates and who don't require a background check, etc.), am I the only one who is suspect of the .gov's ability to produce forgery-proof work-identity documents for our illegal immigrants (who don't have underlying identity documents and who do require background checks)? Can the .gov even do these background checks--requiring information from foreign sources--in the 24 hours that the bill requires?

...Section 601 (h)(1) of the bill allows the government only one business day to conduct a so-called background check on each applicant....

And even if the .gov could produce these documents, do Americans of every ethnicity and regardless of how far back one stretches one's citizenship, realize that they too will have to carry this work document?
...The plan would also include a secure identity card everyone in the United States would have to use, citizen and non-citizen alike, to gain employment....[emphasis mine]

I've said here in the past that our efforts at getting rid of our illegal immigrants is more xenophobia than concern over our security. I realize that our open borders create holes through which terrorists can access targets here, but I also realize that an open society benefits from our immigrants--illegal or not.

The bill--now largely dead--is wrong on so many angles.

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