Sunday, December 24, 2006

I wondered about this too....

I was thinking recently about the new report regarding Sandy Berger's theft at the National Archives. Specifically, I was wondering if Berger realized that he was stealing and destroying American history here, and if he did realize it, did it bother him at all? These documents did not belong to him. They are ours. He stole them from all of us.

Then, today, I find over at Powerline, a post from a reader-expert who spoke to exactly this point.
"...They were true historical documents capturing a snapshot in time in the Administration and the thoughts of those individuals involved with the events of the day.

Those documents belong to the People, not to any individual. Sandy Berger was destroying historical records and putting them into a 'memory hole.'"

Berger's reputation cannot possibly get further smeared, but unfortunately, there will be far too many who forget this level of depravity.

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