Wednesday, October 04, 2006

School Shootings Post #2...

I've got O'Reilly on in the background as I write, and he's interviewing Geraldo Rivera regarding his predictions of more school shootings (especially of school-age girls) after the Bailey, Colorado shootings. Since then, Geraldo's prediction has come true with the subsequent shootings in Wisconsin and more recently at the Amish school in Pennsylvania. Of course, being the knuckleheads that they each are, O'Reilly and Geraldo are all wrong, but their discussion is predictable. Geraldo is advocating giving male High School seniors and parents radios and cell phones to help them as they patrol the schools. He even admits to being an "old fashioned liberal" [Geraldo's response: "No. I'm a radical."].

They are failing to think outside the box. More cops. More parents. Better communications. This is their thinking. None of it will work. I said so here, over a year and a half ago, in my first month operating this blog.

The kids in schools will be vulnerable to the crazy sick adults and the disgruntled kids (not to mention the terrorists) who turn up in schools with murderous intent as long as they insist on keeping schools as gun-free zones. You cannot possibly put enough cops into each school every day to protect the kids until time immemorial. The American public won't accept the taxes it would take to pay these cops.

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