Monday, May 08, 2006

Hey! Does anybody else remember this guy???

This morning President Bush will nominate Air Force General Michael Hayden, now the head of the National Security Agency, to replace Porter Goss as head of the Central Intelligence Agency, who has resigned/been fired from that position.

This article typifies much of the opposition to Gen. Hayden--essentially that a military officer shouldn't head a civilian agency.

Question: Does anybody else remember this guy? Wasn't he a military guy at the head of a civilian agency? Doesn't his background include much more of the warfighter military stereotype than does Hayden's?

I think the Democrats know that they'll lose if they oppose Hayden on the point that he was in charge at the NSA when the NSA "Warrantless Surveillance" program was instituted. It appears that the Democrats are instead grasping for the straw that too much military leadership leads to the erosion of liberties. They're hoping that we've forgotten past military leaders of the CIA, and that we're still very much in a war.

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