Sunday, February 26, 2006

Another fine day...

Since I spent a full day retreiving our former-exchange student (and her luggage!) from her internship at DisneyWorld, I was able to get out to not just one, but two IDPA events.

In the morning, I went and was re-classified. However, I should say "classified again", as I shot the third stage of the IDPA classification absolutely horribly, so I re-shot it and ended up in the same classification as I've had for a year now. I improved from "horrible" to only "bad". Not my best morning, but hey, I got to shoot. [BTW, this is all in preperation for the State IDPA match, which I have yet to work out a kitchen-pass for.]

In the afternoon, I made it out to my range's monthly IDPA match. They had taken a couple of months off for scheduling issues, and it was good to get back at it. I shot much better, and am awaiting the results.

A bad day of shooting beats a good day of just about anything else.

Update: Classifier Match results are in. I'm worse than I thought. Silver lining: I should practice more.

Update: No kitchen pass for me. Family is in town. The entry money is an issue. And it's supposed to rain/drizzle anyway. I'll shoot next week either in the Tuesday PM match or on my own.

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