Saturday, November 05, 2005

I see a connection here...

Regarding the rioting going on in France recently, there is obviously a lefty-media agenda to skip right on by the fact that these are young Muslims who are rioting (Do I dare call them 'Young Turks'?).

However, I think there is another connection. They are from a demographic with a high unemployment rate. As much as I think these nutcases are more of the problem than the solution, they point me to a parallel to the Watts riots of 1965.
In 1965 Black unemployment in the U.S. was 9%, but unemployment in Watts was 31%. Los Angeles joined the ranks of cities all over the country - Newark, New York, Las Vegas, Detroit - where riots had broken out over political and social issues.

The French social state has obviously contributed to their lack of jobs. Anytime the government will guarantee something for little to no work--and tax their public to support this guarantee--is it surprising to anyone that jobs are lost and people are incented to not work? This breeds the hopelessness that is evidenced by the riots. Throwing money at the problem only exacerbates the problem. Getting rid of their socialist form of thinking is their only long-term hope.

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