Thursday, June 09, 2005

Peggy Nails It (Of Course)

Peggy Noonan clearly shows why the Democrats are sliding into oblivion. The hysterics from Clinton and Dean would be intolerable from any Republican. She could expand on this theme by offering a selection of quotes from Senators Kennedy, Boxer, and Biden.

Update...I guess I have to wonder about my own habits here. My next most recent post shows a very unflattering picture of a young John Kerry aside a bad characture (sp?) of a Hollywood bad guy. Am I being fair to Kerry? I don't know. As would any Presidential candidate, he or his handlers did their best to make him available for photo-ops as a means to enhance his story. As it stands, IMO, these efforts fell flat. He simply isn't a photo-genic guy, and in a Photoshop and internet-savvy world, his campaign should have found a way to add to his "electability" without resorting to his image. I have several other equally unflattering internet photos of Kerry, Dean, and Clinton in my files. I'll have to gaze at my navel some more to decide whether my use of these images is as unfair as the words Noonan attributes to prominent Democrats.

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