Sunday, May 01, 2005

Elvis Convention

One of the interesting things which occassionally happen in my life happen while on a layover. I layed over in San Diego years ago at a hotel which was hosting the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (or some such title). I think that we were the only heterosexuals in the hotel that weekend. [Not that I have anything against homosexuals, because I don't. Its just that homosexuals are often unusual people, and especially those who might go to such a national convention.]

This last layover had an Elvis Convention going on. They were advertising 20 impersonators, and I saw half a dozen or so in the lobby. Most were the "Old Fat" Elvii, but there was one 20-something who I saw enter as a "Young Elvis". They even had a 50's Pink Cadillac out front. I have to wonder about someone who would go through life as Elvis. I can't imagine that more than a few impersonators are able to make a living at this fascination of theirs. So what do they do the other 29 days a month?

Related is to wonder about the women who are intrigued enough with Elvis that they will travel and pay money to see these impersonators. It's no skin off my nose one way or the other, but why not drop your teenage fascinations with some guy who's long dead, and get on with your life?

As my kids would say: Whatever.

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