Sunday, March 27, 2005

How about some rational thought here.....

As I said here, there is more wrong than right with regard to what is happening to Terri Schiavo. As I see it, just about every player or pundit has something wrong with their thinking. [Please note: I do not think that killing her is right. I especially think that how she will die is barbaric.] There are otherwise good people who are grasping onto some third-hand piece of internet gossip and running with it. C'mon folks. Let's clear our heads here a moment.

One of the crazier ideas is mentioned by John Fund. I had read yesterday that some were proposing that Jeb Bush order his law enforcement guys "take" Terri over the objection of whichever law enforcement agency is enforcing the Court's orders. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy.

We are a Nation of Laws. As bad as many Court decisions are, we still must obey them. I do think the Judiciary has become too powerful. I would like to see more "Balance" in our 'Balance of Power'. I agree with Bork that the Courts have become too concerned with politics. It is horrible that the Supreme Court today is basing their rulings on International Opinion. The Law is very much imperfect. Today, it is failing Terri Schiavo badly.

But with all that said, we simply cannot endorse vigilantism in the taking of Terri--even if it is motivated by those who wish to save her. And we certainly cannot endorse vigilantism by our law enforcement agencies. Just because those on the Right have the purest of motives, and because Clinton and Reno did it (and apparently got away with it), does not mean abducting Terri to save her is right in any way.

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